Becoming A Keystone Camp Counselor

Rubies junior camp counselor positions are filled for this year.
Other Rubies and Arrows camp counselor positions are still available.

We are excited about the summer of 2024 and the awesome opportunities coming our
way to mentor and minister to young men and women during Keystone Camps. With an
anticipated registration of 400 campers, including boys and girls camps, a dynamic team of
enthusiastic, creative and committed workers will be required. Enclosed is an application that
we would like you to fill out and return to the Keystone Camps Director.

Keystone Camps are a Christian ministry of Keystone Fellowship Churches. Keystone
Camps is clearly a conservative Mennonite organization, maintaining a doctrinal statement and
a Mennonite set of standards upheld by the Keystone Fellowship churches. Each staff member
committed to working with Keystone Camps must be willing to abide by and support the
guidelines and policies. A copy of camp dress code/guidelines will be sent to staff who have
been accepted for the summer camping program. All staff and applicants must be at least 16
years of age for Jr. Counselor and 18 years or older to be counselor.

As you consider your commitment, please complete the application, answering each of
the questions honestly and thoroughly. This will help us get to know you, your interests and
giftings and help us determine your suitability for your requested position. To successfully
operate the camping program a variety of skills are needed, but the most important requirement
is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a servant attitude-being willing to do whatever it
takes to get the job done. All staff have the privilege of mentoring precious young lives by their
example and lifestyle.

Please complete your completed application as soon as possible to be considered for the
summer scheduling. We appreciate your interest in serving and will prayerfully consider each
application and reference. If you have any questions, please contact Cloyd Good at the address
or number listed below. We look forward to hearing from you! May God richly you.

Because of Christ,
Keystone Camps Directors

Keystone Arrows/Rubies Camps
54 Mahantango Rd., Liverpool, PA 17045
Jadon’s Cell: 570-756-5210, Jen’s Cell: 717-823-7833