About Us

Keystone Camps were started in 1988 out of a desire for a summer camp that replicates the standards and teachings followed and endorsed by Keystone Mennonite Fellowship. It started as a one week camp and over time grew into two weeks divided by age. As time went on, the decision was than made to transition to a segregated camp to offer one week for boys and one week for girls. Since this change we can now focus on activities and chapel sessions that are applicable to gender as well as avoid unnecessary boy/girl drama. 

Arrows Boys Camp Dates

2024 Camp Dates: August 5-9

Registration is Closed

Rubies Girls Camp Dates

2024 Camp Dates: June 17-21

Registration is Closed

Jadon Mast - Keystone Camps Director

Jadon Mast functions as the director of Keystone Camps. He and His wife, Jen, have three girls. Jadon enjoys mechanics, the outdoors, and keeping life simple. They currently live in South Carolina but will be moving back to Pennsylvania and attending Susquehanna Mennonite Church.

Brian Sensenig - Assistant Director

Brian Sensenig is the assistant director of Keystone Camps. Brian and his wife Sherina and their five boys attend Living Water Mennonite Fellowship.

Other Staff

Volunteers are always needed to make camp happen. Activity directors, camp pastors, cooks, counselors, and junior counselors all play a vital role in camp.  

If you are interested in serving in one of these roles, please email us to let us know.  


How does camp worK?

Every summer Keystone hosts a one week camp for boys and then a month later a one week camp for girls. 

Keystone rents the facilities of Promised Land Camp

 All staff are selected by Keystone.  Staff includes Directors, cooks, counselors, junior counselors, activity leaders, and a camp pastor.   

Who is camp for?

Camp is for boys and girls ages 9-14. We are committed to serving the Conservative Anabaptist Community and give preference to those who are a part of Keystone Mennonite Fellowship.