Who is Keystone Mennonite Fellowship?

The Keystone Mennonite Fellowship (KMF) officially formed on 19 March 1999 when 15 congregations with a total of 906 members, three bishops, 23 ministers, 14 deacons, and six retired leaders were granted release from Lancaster Mennonite Conference. 

The separation was by mutual agreement and with the official sanction and blessing of Lancaster conference, and resulted from a discussion process that extended over 14 years, 1985-1999. KMF was organized to provide a structure for fellowship and practice among congregations of like beliefs and convictions. 

Keystone Mennonite Fellowship adheres to the 1963 Mennonite Confession of Faith and an additional written supplement as its standard of faith and practice. Some areas addressed in the supplement include: the sanctity of life, God’s delegation of leadership in the church to men, the permanency of marriage, discipleship and nonconformity, love and nonresistance, and the separation of church and state. View a copy of the 1963 Mennonite Confession of Faith along with the Keystone supplements. 

Fellowship programs include: Christian worker workshops, leadership training sessions, semi-annual assembly conferences, monthly bishop meetings, and annual winter Bible schools. Other activities include summer children’s camps, youth activities, a three-day summer youth conference, and activities for singles.