Arrows Camp for Boys Signup

Arrows Camp for Boys Signup

If you would like to sign your son up for Arrows Camp for Boys, fill out the form below. Upon registration, you will be redirected to PayPal who will accept the DEPOSIT FEE of $50. Acceptable forms of payment include credit, debit, bank transfer, and PayPal funds. Your online registration will NOT be submitted unless payment is sent through PayPal.

DEPOSIT IS NONREFUNDABLE, ONCE ACCEPTED INTO CAMP. Balance of $175 will be due at registration on first day of camp. Donations do not apply towards the registration fee.

If you are signing up multiple children, complete this form once per child.

Previously several users reported issues with their credit card being declined when applying for multiple children. This is because the payment amounts are identical and to the credit card company, they appear to be duplicates. If this happens to you, this can be resolved by adding a $1 donation to multiple applications. For example, for the first child, pay the normal amount, for the second, add a $1 donation, and for the 3rd, add a $2 donation. This way the payment amounts are different and won’t appear to be duplicates.

If you have any questions, contact the Assistant Directors by phone or email.
Sherina: 717-336-6991 or Brian: 717-808-6728